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Is life fair?

Is life fair?

if so, is it allow to treat me like this, confuse me, then cheer me up, raise my hopes and let me end in misery again?

i love you. at least i think so

i want to be with you. touch you. hold you. kiss you.

see you smile. hear you laugh. smell your perfume. feel your skin. taste your lips.

i love your style. your look. your hair. your eyes. your smile.

i love you. at least i think so.


yet i don't


i love him. i love that he's always there. he holds me. he caresses my skin. touches my hair. my neck. my breasts. my belly. my hips.

i love how he feels. tastes. smells. sounds. looks.

i love him

and i'll be there for him.


yet i love you

i want you to be closer. i can't forget you. i dream about you.

want you to stand close by. hold me. kiss me. love me.


yet i don't


i won't let him down. i love him

do i love you?

i love so much about you.

but do i love you?

or is it something else?

another way of loving?

a simple desire

a wish of being more like you

through being with you


may it be simply for the kick. the adventure. the experience?

i don't think so

i think i love you

diffrently than i love him but i do.

and i want you

i want you to love me

as i love you


as a friend

as a lover

as someone who is very similar

as myself


i'll stay with him and be with you

in my heart

there you are

both of you

and i can't decide. don't want to decide. won't decide between you two. but for both of you


so is this what is called fairness in life?

am i supposed to be confused?

will i always stay confused?

or ain't i confused?

am i right?

is this what i feel?

if so isn't feeling always right?

right and righteous


i think

i believe

i hope



i love you


i love you


1.8.08 22:51


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